Monday, October 7, 2013

Lurking in the Shadows

 A big part of scaring is the element of surprise. You must know your character and know your surroundings. 

Finding the shadows
where are your hiding spots?  The human eye has a hard time seeing in the dark especially when the eyes don't have a chance to adjust. It could be a nook in the wall such as a closet or cupboard, down a dark hallway, or simply crouched in a corner.

Hidden in plain sight
Moving slowly or blending in with your surrounding is a great way to hid in plain sight.  Be a part of the crowd or camouflage with your scenery then go in for the scare. Try sitting at the fire seeming harmless and normal then once they feel safe show your true form.

Scary, Abstract, Abstract photography, Evil, Ghost, Haunting, light techniques, low light, Neha Bhagra, People, Scary, Scary face, Spooky, Spooky face, terror, Photographer Anurag JainFinding your light 
Angling light differently upon yourself gives for a different effect.  Light from above with cast a shadow on your face were as a light from below will illuminate your face. Sometimes this can change your appearance so greatly it's like having a whole second character.  Experiment with a small hand held flashlight and find your best angle.

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