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Halloween is coming fast and for some of us,  it is the best season of the year. For us it's the time to stretch one's imagination, a time to believe in the unknown, a time to scare the bejesus out of unsuspecting patrons. Our band of fright masters are gearing up and getting ready to make the best of this special season. We are going to acquaint you with the ins and outs of what we do and have done for the past three Halloweens. Join us on this journey. First, we'll start with a blank slate and then we will put it all together right in front of your eyes. You'll see us go from the outline to the full color rendition full of scars, scares, and screams cause we are the stuff that frightmares are made of.

Who we are:

Lionel Lee
Production Director 
Lionel is a seasoned artist, working in a variety of shows and productions as a dancer, actor, and director. Lionel has a Bachelor's in Business Management from University of Phoenix and is co-owner of Momentum Event Marketing,  His experiences include creative director of Village of  Terror and performer in King Richards Renaissance Faire, where as a member of the Hanlon Lees Action Theatre he learned to ride and joust to portray the knight, Lord Othello. Lionel is the mastermind of the creepies of Frightmare Farm and the creative vision behind the scare.

Jason Rogers
Makeup Designer/ Effects Artist
Jason Rogers  (Scary Effin Clown) is a talented visual illustrator, tattooist and performance make up artist. Jason developed his skills in extreme makeup working in Village of Terror and has gone on to do touring Renaissance faires, as well as starting his own act most recently seen at Shakoppe Renaissance faire. Jason is accomplished with prosthetics and creative makeup techniques and has just begun offering classes this fall to share his knowledge.

Kimberly Walde
Costume Designer
Kimberly is a mixed media and textile artist with a passion for costumes. With a BFA in Theatre from UW-Eau Claire Kim has costumed everything from Victorian ladies to dancing bears. Kim has worked for university, professional and community theatre as well as independent shows and promotional venues. Kim is also a performer and model. Her current project is playing Lucille Ball for the Burger King Classic car shows. 

Angela Nichole
Angela is a performer and promotional model. Angela also has a BFA in Theatre from UW- Eau Claire. She is a talented actress and vocalist as well as having experience in many other creative outlets such as costume design, floral arrangement and modeling. Angela has appeared in university theatre productions as well as print magazines and a variety of live performances. She has played everything from a roller skating alien to a gangster moll to a Dr. Suess Who. Angela is currently appearing as Marilyn Monroe in the Burger King Classic Car Shows.

Jacoby Matott
Jacoby is a multi-talented illustrator, performer and aspiring filmmaker. he is currently attending UW- Eau Claire for Graphic design. Jacoby played the Wolfman in Village of Terror, and Robin Hood in the Chippewa Renaissance faire. Jacoby has done community theatre in multiple cities and promotional performance. He has made a few short films and hopes to make more in the future. He is also currently writing and illustrating his own comic book.  Jacoby will not only be performing in Frightmare Farm but also documenting the show and it's preparations.  

Sandra Adams
Makeup Artist
Sandra is an accomplished Makeup artist and will be one of our monster makers for this show. She has Created monsters, zombies and more for theatre, film and music videos. Sandra has a background in prosthetics, stage makeup and hair as well as being a local henna artist. She has started her own business Dangerous Beauty Designs. More of her work can be seen here.

And of course we have many wonderfully freaky people in our cast and crew, we are just a few. Come meet us all if you dare....

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