Monday, October 7, 2013

Zombie Makeup 101 or How to become your own worse Frightmare!

On the way to Frightmare Farm, I stopped off at Zombie Makeup 101, a class instructed by Jason Rogers, aka Balcor Wood, the Troll, aka Tatty Boggle, aka Scary Effin Clown. Jason is a member of the team that was responsible for the Village of Terror and now Halloween Hollow's Frightmare Farm. Jason uses his creative talents to help bring the characters to life.
Jason is a master at the use and application of foam latex prosthetics and stage makeup. His talents as a visual and tattoo artist are put to good use every year about this time. Our focus has always been intent on creating the best show possible and we've been fortunate enough to be able to add excellent performers and artists to the cast every season.
The class presented the fundamentals of stage makeup, applying the base, adding color, blending, the different types of blood that can be used and highlighting areas that will bring out the best in any zombie.
The class also described how to take those same basic concepts and use them to create various  types of zombies: freshly killed, brain eating, or the back from the dead variety. These basic skills can also be used to create other characters such as, asylum inmates, vampires, prisoners and any characters that tend to inhabit the world of horror and fantasy.

The informal style of the class did not hide that fact that even first time participants were grasping advanced makeup concepts easily. The Sunday night storm became the perfect backdrop as the newly minted zombies were unleashed into the Eau Claire nightscape.

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