Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How did we get here?

This is going to be our 4th year of creating characters for a Halloween haunted attraction. It all started with the ill-fated Village of Terror, an experiment in fright that took a number of Halloween themes and put them in one big rustic theme park. The Village of Terror with its imposing and iconic evil clown, carny-like atmosphere, and varied scary characters captured the imaginations of it's patrons and cast alike. Unfortunately, VOT met with an untimely end and Frightmare Farm became our new home and Mortimer Night and his brood of mutated kin and farmhands became our theme. Although the venue changed, the desire to create an unforgettable Halloween experience is not only growing, it is also becoming more refined as our actors, makeup artists, and scare technicians have become more adept at giving all who enter the Farm the Frightmare of their lives.


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