Saturday, September 28, 2013

What's in our closet?

Clearing away the cobwebs in my head, looking at the site. What's going to work? How is it going to work?
Traffic flow, safety first! If we scare the crap out of them and they run for their lives in this direction what are the obstacles? How did that work last year? Good, not enough though...has to be even better this year.
There's so much to do and the clock down below is ticking, ticking, ticking! Deadline for this and deadline for appropriate!!!
Well, time to blow away the dust, rip open the boxes, and bring all the ghouls and goblins to life. For it is their time,
our time, a time when everything Halloween comes back to this world and is so ready to scare again. I'm dusting off the actors and creating some new characters (insert the soundtrack when the Frankenstein monster comes to life here.) Time to come out of the closet!!!

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